Stannah - 40 years of Microlifts, for life's little ups and downs

We’re celebrating 40 years of Stannah Microlifts by
donating our 20,000th Microlift to a worthy cause

Can you recommend
a deserving project?

We're Celebrating!

40 years, millions of journeys, 20,000 Microlifts.

And now one FREE
to a good home!

In your professional life you must come across so many building or refurbishment projects. Can you put Stannah in touch with a charitable project that would benefit from a donated service lift? Are you working on a suitable project right now? Please send us your nomination - our Microlift is raring to go!

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There is a wealth of information about Microlifts to be found on our main website, including details of the full range available, technical specifications and even architects’ CAD blocks, free and ready to download for use in drawings.

We’ve also produced a handy infographic as an easy reference guide to what a Microlift can offer and how to get the best from yours.

Also available is Goods Lifts: Your Questions Answered, an invaluable FREE guide to all the ins and outs of owning and using a Microlift.